Enyo Apps

Here is a partial list of Enyo apps currently available on various platforms. If you have an application you'd like to add to this list, just let us know.

App Name Icon Developer Name App Category Available On
17 Day Diet Meal Plan 17 Day Diet Meal Plan icon Realized Mobile Health & Fitness iOS
3D Tet 3D Tet icon Bertram Städing Games Android, Other, webOS
AccuWeather for HP TouchPad AccuWeather for HP TouchPad icon AccuWeather, Inc. Weather webOS
Apollo (Pandora Radio Client) Apollo (Pandora Radio Client) icon JMTK Music BlackBerry, webOS
Attico14 Attico14 icon Fco. Javier Martín Carrasco Lifestyle Android, iOS
Bills vs Income Bills vs Income icon MachiApps Finance Android, Other
blogWalker blogWalker icon Apps by Chris Entertainment Android, BlackBerry
Chuisy Chuisy icon Martin Kleinschrodt Lifestyle iOS
Complementos Tabú Complementos Tabú icon Fco. Javier Martín Carrasco Lifestyle Android, iOS
Confero Confero icon dev.util.org Education Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Web App, Windows Phone
DataJog DataJog icon DataJog Productivity & Utilities Android
detektor.fm detektor.fm icon Marcel Meissel Music webOS
Dock Dock icon Inglorious Apps Productivity & Utilities Android, iOS
E Notes E Notes icon PetzApps Productivity & Utilities webOS
Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List icon Conde Nast Reference webOS
FeedSpider FeedSpider icon Brent Hunter News Firefox OS
FoxCasts FoxCasts icon Garrett Downs Entertainment Firefox OS
Greenius Greenius icon Iván Perdomo & Asier Galdos Social Networking Web App
Groupon Mobile Groupon Mobile icon DNS Mobile Shopping webOS
Handy Metro DC Handy Metro DC icon FoulWeather Apps Navigation BlackBerry
Hatschi! Hatschi! icon Marcel Meissel Health & Fitness BlackBerry, webOS
Healthy Habit Tracker Healthy Habit Tracker icon MachiApps Health & Fitness Android, iOS, Other, Web App, Windows
Hebrew in Hand Hebrew in Hand icon Ted Hopp Lifestyle Web App
iHeartRadio iHeartRadio icon Clear Channel Music webOS
iLearnForKids iLearnForKids icon VITEB Games Android
incredible! incredible! icon Zhephree Social Networking webOS
KAYAK Flights and Hotels KAYAK Flights and Hotels icon KAYAK.com Travel webOS
LapTimer LapTimer icon Apps by Chris Health & Fitness Android
LFPre LFPre icon MAMISHO Sports webOS
LoveVoucher LoveVoucher icon MobileTeck Shopping Android, Web App, webOS
LuneTube LuneTube icon MAMISHO Entertainment Other, Web App, webOS
Macaw Macaw icon Micah N Gorrell Social Networking Android, BlackBerry, Other, Web App, webOS
Meneito Meneito icon Fco. Javier Martín Carrasco News Android, iOS
Mensa Chemnitz Mensa Chemnitz icon BjA Reference Android, webOS
Mobile Florist Mobile Florist icon Greg Hrebek Lifestyle Android, iOS, webOS
N-Matika N-Matika icon Michal Novak Education Android, Web App
neato! neato! icon Zhephree Productivity & Utilities Android, iOS, Web App, webOS
Newt Newt icon Garrett Downs Productivity & Utilities Other
ooZoo Cyril Morales Reference Web App
OrganizeMe! OrganizeMe! icon Sven Ziegler Productivity & Utilities BlackBerry, webOS
Othello Stockwatch Othello Stockwatch icon Othello Ventures Business webOS
Paper Mache Paper Mache icon Ryan Watkins News Android, webOS
Parental Access Parental Access icon vitebmobileapps Productivity & Utilities Android
Peek-A-Dash Peek-A-Dash icon Apps by Chris Reference webOS
Pet Info Free Pet Info Free icon Apps by Chris Productivity & Utilities Android
Photo Filters Photo Filters icon Chris Van Hooser Photography Android
Picross Picross icon Owen Swerkstrom Games Other, Web App, webOS
Pix: Image Search Pix: Image Search icon Inglorious Apps Photography Android, iOS
PwdHash PwdHash icon Micah N Gorrell Productivity & Utilities Other
ReadItNow! (formerly known as ReadOnTouch PRO) ReadItNow! (formerly known as ReadOnTouch PRO) icon Sven Ziegler News BlackBerry, webOS
Rivalry Games Fantasy Football Rivalry Games Fantasy Football icon Rivalry Games Games Android, iOS
RuneQuest 6 - Combat Effects RuneQuest 6 - Combat Effects icon Tim Evans Games Android
Searchable Notes Searchable Notes icon Doug Reeder Productivity & Utilities Firefox OS, Web App
SecuStore 2 SecuStore 2 icon MaKleSoft Productivity & Utilities Web App, webOS
Sparrow Sparrow icon Arthur Thornton Social Networking webOS
SpeakerClock SpeakerClock icon Christian Knappke Productivity & Utilities Other, Web App, webOS
Sports Live! HD Sports Live! HD icon More Solutions, LLC Sports Android, webOS
Stop cambriolages Stop cambriolages icon Cyril Morales Lifestyle iOS, webOS
Sugarizer Sugarizer icon Lionel Laské Education Android, Web App
TapWatch TapWatch icon One Crayon Productivity & Utilities iOS, webOS
TE-Reader TE-Reader icon Marcel Meissel News BlackBerry, webOS
The Ultimate PICSAW Challenge The Ultimate PICSAW Challenge icon viteb Games iOS
toodleTasks Phone toodleTasks Phone icon Prodisoft Productivity & Utilities Android, webOS
toodleTasks Tablet toodleTasks Tablet icon Prodisoft Productivity & Utilities Android, BlackBerry, webOS
TopWatch TopWatch icon Paul Cimino Productivity & Utilities Android, Other, Web App, webOS
TouchTax TouchTax icon BlackCatWorks Enterprises Finance Android, BlackBerry, iOS, webOS
TravelCost V2 TravelCost V2 icon Bertram Städing Finance Android, Other, webOS
WhitePages WhitePages icon WhitePages, Inc. Reference webOS
Zap Photoshare Zap Photoshare icon Hominid Software Photography webOS